0493 - 692056

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Do you have questions about our company, or do you want more information about us?
Then you can come and visit us, make a phonecall or send an e-mail.

Manege Heijligers
Hippisch Parc Asten
Reeweg 3
5721 PD Asten
phone: 0031 (0)493-692056
E-mail: info@manege-heijligers.nl

Openinghours lobby:
Monday closed
Thuesday till Friday 10:00u - 01:00u
Saturday 10:00u - 18:00u
Sunday 10:00u - 01:00u

Openinghours grand-café:
For the openinghours of the grand-café, check the website of De Drie Reeën

Shows V.R.C.A.
For questions, changes, cancellations and such concerning specific shows of V.R.C.A. you can contact the showoffice: wedstrijdsecretariaat@manege-heijligers.nl

Other shows
For questions, changes, cancellations and such concerning shows that are not organized by V.R.C.A. you can contact the concerning organisation. You can find the data on this site below "competitions" and then "secretariats". At our calendar you can see which riding club is organising the show.


Ticket Sale:

We declare Ticketcrew's general terms and conditions applicable to our ticket sales: