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From the age of 5 1/2 it is possible for everyone to take lessons in our ridingschool. For beginning riders as wel as for advanced riders we offer lessons that are given by certificated instructors. For the youngest children (till 7 years) and for riders without experience we have special lessons that last half an hour. Since the age of 7 we have lessons of 1 hour for riders with (a bit) experience. If you are interested in trying a lesson, or if you have any questions you can fill in the form below. Give us a call or visit our riding school is, of course, also possible.

On a regular bases we organize dressage shows for ridingschool riders only. For this, we have developed a savings system. In this way the rider can work towards a goal and everyone can develop himself/herself in a nice way. How these shows work exactly, you can find on this website under the header "shows" and then "dressage shows for ridingschool riders".

We also organize jumping shows for ridingschool riders. Everyone can compete, even less experienced riders. We take into account the height and there is accompaniment during the show. In this way, ridingschool riders can get acquainted with riding shows. More information on this website under the header "shows" and then "jumping shows for ridingschool riders".

Besides, we organize outside rides through the surrounding area in the spring and autumn (for ridingschool riders). 

Wil je je aanmelden voor onze paardrijlessen/wil je meer informatie over onze lessen? Vul dan dit formulier in, dan nemen wij z.s.m. contact met je op.