0493 - 692056


It is possible to train whole year long. Outside in the summer and inside in winter. Every week there will be another course. Cost: € 12,- per horse (pay in advance). In the schedule below you can see when it's possible to come for training and when it's not possible to train because the jumping arena is already hired. If you want to rent the jumping arena a daypart each week, than you can contact us (phone 0031 493-692056 ask for Erik or Ruud).

Training schedule:

  8:00h - 18:00h : by appointment only
  8:00h - 10:00h : Raijmakers stables
10:00h - 12:00h : v/d Vleuten stables and VDL
12:00h - 14:00h : v/d Pol stables
14:00h - 17:00h : free for training
  8:00h - 10:00h : v. Bussel stables
10:00h - 12:00h : Dings stables
12:00h - 17:00h : free for training
  8:00h - 18:00h : free for training
8:00h - 10:00h : free for training
10:00h - 12:00h : no training
12:00h - 18:00h : free for training
Saturday en Sunday
no training!