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Nationaal Concours Hippique Asten


Nationaal Concours Hippique Asten


Nationaal Concours Hippique Asten


Nationaal Concours Hippique Asten


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Riding school

No lessons riding school
During the Carnaval hollidays (Feb. 24 - March 1) there will be no riding school lessons 

Jumping Carnaval
Friday 21th February there will be a practice show jumping for ponies. This show is all about Carnaval.  That means the rider is allowed to dress up and it's also allowed to decorate the pony. There will be extra prices for the best decorated/dressed up combination. Also riders of the riding school lessons are allowed to compete in this show! For more informations ask at the bar or ask your own instructor. 

Dressage only for riding school
The next dressage show for riding school riders is at Friday 27th March.
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Rides outside
At the following dates there are rides outside: - Sunday 5th April (day trip)
- Sunday 19th April
- Sunday 10th May More info/subscribe at the bar